Volunteering work

I am a firm believer in the impact that Jolly Phonics can bring student’s command over spoken English. That is the main reason I started investing a lot of my time in volunteering work in rural schools. It was surprising how even the English teacher with master’s in education degrees were pronouncing basic sounds so incorrectly.

I have done voluntary workshops in more than 18 schools mainly government-run schools and have conducted workshops with over more than 200 teachers. If the teacher learns how to make the sounds properly, they can go a long way in influencing how their students will pick up the language basic skills right. For this volunteer work, I was captured in a newspaper report in the regional newspaper which brought a lot of limelight to Jolly Phonics in this region.

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Jolly Phonics is a complete method of reading and writing that facilitates communication and oral comprehension in English and hence enhances child’s overall development.