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I am an early year teacher at Primrose international we are doing a Jolly Phonics session twice a week. I have found Jolly phonics to be the most effective way of engaging with kids. 100% of the kids take part in Jolly phonics which is a fun way of learning for them. The multi-sensory methodology to reading which is known as VAKT (visual, auditor, kinesthetics and tactile) is so effective for developing my classroom activity. By this approach, young readers will learn how to write by tracing the letters with the help of our finger phonics.

Audio by our elegant Jolly phonics jingles is easy to grasp in memory. Kinesthetics by actions and Tactile learning by touching our jolly toys-Bee, Inky & Snake leave a permanent impression on kids. The Jolly phonics sessions that I have taken have worked wonders for the kids.

As an example, there were two boys who recently moved from china and had extremely limited knowledge of English. In the very 1st session only, they understood the fun-loving concept of jolly phonics and showed remarkable improvement in their language. In my sessions, I include as much as a multi-sensory approach as possible i.e. I use all the Jolly phonics characters, Picture flash cards, Flash cards, Finger phonics books. All the kids wait for their turns and want to touch, feel, and play with Jolly stuff.

My students completely love and enjoy my classes. In our class, we have dress-up costumes as well sometimes for a few specific songs we do for costume play /learning too. Namely:
• We have a picnic basket & tea set cup, so we do the Picnic /a/ sound
• We have a pilot uniform in the class with that we do/n/ noisy airplane sound.
• we have Spanish women uniform and we do /ck/ sound with my self-made castanets
• We have Caption and Police uniform so we do /oi/ sound with that
• We have doctor uniform so we do/ai/sound with that.

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Jolly Phonics is a complete method of reading and writing that facilitates communication and oral comprehension in English and hence enhances child’s overall development.