Two Day’s Online Jolly Phonics Workshop for Teachers / Parents / Mentors

May 25th – 26th, 2024 from 12:30 to 3:30 pm via Zoom

Jolly Phonics is a complete method of reading and writing that facilitates communication and oral comprehension in English and hence enhances child’s overall development.

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Be your own Boss

This program will help YOU in following ways

  1. A number of career opportunities will open after the completion of this Jolly Phonics Teachers Training program.
  2. This Jolly phonics workshop will be fully qualified to be appointed as full-time or part-time phonics teacher in diverse child care set-ups like Pre-schools, Activity centers, Childcare centers.
  3. Our Jolly Phonics program also allows you to set up and successfully run your own phonics training center for kids. This means you can now be your own BOSS.
  4. After completing the Jolly Phonics workshop, you will receive the Jolly Phonics Certificate of Participation
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Advantage of Jolly phonics teachers training

  • The systematic technique of learning English language sounds with a fun learning way using – story, action and jingle !!
  • Ways of correct and effortless pronunciation.
  • Relationship between letters and sounds.
  • How children can improve their vocabulary.
  • Ways to spell any word effortlessly.
  • Improving their comprehension skills

Meet the Teacher

Hello, I am Renu Rajain. I am an Official Jolly Phonics Trainer certified by Jolly Learning London United Kingdom.

I am a passionate teacher and Mom of two. I have been teaching since 2008. Jolly Phonics is a comprehensive method of interpreting and writing that simplifies communication and oral comprehension in English. Use the “synthetic phonics” system to teach sounds in a multisensory, fun and beautiful way for children to learn to read and write using the sound of letters, in the Early years.

For more information please contact: +60176349407 or email us at: [email protected]

You can find listed me on the Official Jolly Phonics site

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A Glimpse of the last zoom Jolly Phonics Workshop

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The Jolly Phonics Teacher Training workshop will be conducted in 2 sessions.

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Session 1: Introducing Jolly Phonics

Session 2: Literacy support

Session 1: Introducing Jolly Phonics

This introductory workshop provides a practical look at Step 1 of the Jolly Phonics program.

The workshop demonstrates how to introduce the 42 main sounds of English to students in their first term at school and for those older students requiring additional literacy support.

This training session will cover:

  • Features of systematic synthetic phonics
  • An overview of a synthetic phonics lesson
  • Five skills of Jolly Phonics
  • Learning the letter sounds
  • Letter Formation
  • Blending
  • Segmenting
  • Tricky words

The workshop will provide many practical ‘hands-on’ activities that you can use to complement the Jolly Phonics program and to engage students in the learning process.

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Session 2: Literacy support

They Know the Sounds, What Next? Jolly Phonics is not only about sounds it’s a lot more, lets check!!

Pre-requisite: Session 1 – Introducing Jolly Phonics

This session provides an overview of continuing the Jolly Phonics, for those students requiring additional literacy support.

This training session will cover:

  • Alternative spellings
  • Spelling strategies
  • How to plan your lesson
  • How to use Jolly phonics material
  • Ways to keep children engage and Jolly games
  • Assessment and data collection

The workshop will also provide many practical resources designed to support your teaching and to motivate and engage students.

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Attendees will receive a Jolly phonics certificate of participation.

Take away- Jolly phonics worksheets, finger puppets, coloring sheets and knowledge to upgrade yourself.

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