Dyslexic kids

For around 2 months I taught private classes for a 4-year girl whose name was Gauri, who was diagnosed with Dyslexia. Jolly phonics Researches says if a child is exploring/ learning with Jolly phonics material he/she will never have Dyslexia in their life.

First, Gauri was nibbling all the toys and she was eating their tags. She absolutely loved the finger phonics the multi-colored books and the tracing of letters. Gauri’s parents were amazed to see a lot of improvements in Gauri’s skills.

Another one of my Students had mirror-image problems especially with the letters: b,d,c,e,p,q,. His mom Mrs.Osho Ahuja was very worried about his progress. I took 1 on 1 class with him and, I taught him things like pencil holding exercises and phonics skills. During each of my Jolly phonics classes, I had to correct him every time very patiently by singing Jolly phonics Jingles and playing a few games with him using flashcards, picture cards, and number games. He was exceptionally good at drawing, so we were doing 15 minutes drawing session in every class. With the help of Alphabet and Number charts and a lot of patience he eventually started building on his skills.

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